Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some style guide examples...

I couldn't find my copy of Hillary's "Edith and the Bear" style guide, but I did come across some interesting ones.

Architecture/lighting/rendering guides for Cars 2 :
- Describes the thinking behind the style - uses words like curvy, straight, softened, caricature; takes into account character height and width, etc.
- Lighting and rendering keywords: exagerrated, occlusion, shadows, saturation, depth of field.

Style guide for the Autobot HQ in Transformers:
- More relevant as a model sheet rather than a style guide.
- Points out what materials things are made out of.
- Environment related.

Style guide for Happy Tree Friends:*3briCh9NZlRbemTHX1GI3Ax6u5qSaZu6tWM1LRTFiX*IZvjnVGdPKtnmTmAVt/Sniffles_style_guide_01.jpg
- More like a character study sheet.

Animation guide for King of the Hill:
- Super interesting. They have a lot of very specific rules about how to animate characters to keep it cohesive. May be helpful later on once we start animating.

Let's BREAK come up with some rules!

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