Thursday, October 17, 2013

variation on cube pitch

External: day: futuristic university campus

Young engineering student arrives home from a day of class. As she pulls up to her door her hover board kicks up and transforms into a small (cube, sphere, hexagonal shape) – she palms it and walks inside.

Enter apartment:

A clean but cluttered studio-like micro apartment space comes alive when the girl enters. We see commotion from small cube-like objects scurrying about, transforming and linking onto one another, forming everyday objects, such as a couch, a table, a lamp…books and coffee cups are original though, and they are scattered around a large art table, which our character approaches to sit down with a cup of her instant coffee.

We see books from every subject, (engineering, organic chemistry, semiconductor physics, illustration, design) stacked in no particular order along with snacks, caffeine, littered around the student’s workspace, her desk is a giant 32 inch cintiq monitor revealing a multitude of high end applications all running simultaneously, in their respective windows. She reads, writes, draws and researches for the better part of the night.

We see her working specifically on a blue print, we cut close and can see her determination, her passion to create the plans – but the form is highly advanced, and unknown to us – yet it resembles a propulsion engine of sorts. We cut to the nanocube, it watches from a shelf, and plays at making itself into the blue print, with some limited success.

She works diligently, and into the night, until we cut … to her barely awake, it’s 4am and her nano cube gives a soft hum, that indicates bedtime. She leaves her desk
And crashes on her bed, the light left on at her desk.

Surrounding the desk, our micro cubes gather, investigate, we see a part missing from the blue print – they gather closer – the lead nanocube morphs into a small piece, in the center of the blue print – completing the puzzle -- a light glows within it.

We cut to black

Daytime, girl’s apartment:

Our student wakes, to a soft hum. She opens her eyes, but the room is completely empty, minus the small futon she lies upon.

In the middle of the room is her little friend nanocube. It jumps and twitches, and flashes it’s little led light – a playful urgency.

She is bewildered, but glows with exciting anticipation. The noncube, scurries out the door – she follows as the door opens, she sees it ---

The design!

It is a high speed ion propulsion nano-smart super bike! (OR CRAZY ROCKET SHIP)

The small cube zooms towards the bike, shoots into the air and buries itself in the central core of the machine – it roars to life!

In utter amazement the student walks closer, examines the machine …

Camera cranes up to reveal a huge future city –

Leading into our promo … “Dream Big. Where will technology take you?”

(that needs work)

We quickly crane down to see en empty street, low angle, the girl on the super bike, speeds by us and break neck speeds shouting with joy!

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