Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Thanks for making the blog Lauren. Nice name choice too. So here is the video that first inspired my cube idea In regards to Laurens future of beauty I came across this video yesterday: It's funny how the reporter trying on that corset is already skinny as shit, but whatever. It's interesting how we are reverting back to old fashioned methods to appear skinny. I also recently became aware of the 'thigh gap' trend, where you get your thighs to be so skinny they don't touch when you put your feet together. Here's a huffington post article about it, as well as a pinterest board called "Operation Thigh Gap" The episode of the Twilight Zone I was talking about: "Number 12 Looks Just like You" -Jeanette


  1. Cool stuff Jeanette! Thanks for posting. That Twilight Zone episode it nuts!

  2. there is a band called the number 12 looks like you!

  3. wow.. "a tiny little waist just like a barbie doll".. SHE ALREADY HAS A 27 INCH WAIST WTF...