Thursday, October 17, 2013

shorter version of pitch

External: day: futuristic university campus

Young engineering student arrives home from a day of class. Hover board turns into smart-cube

Enter apartment:

micro apartment space comes alive. Revealing many tiny cubes!

We see books from every subject, (engineering, organic chemistry, semiconductor physics, illustration, design)

her desk is a giant 32 inch cintiq monitor revealing a multitude of high end applications all running simultaneously, in their respective windows. She reads, writes, draws and researches for the better part of the night.

working specifically on a blue print

we see her determination, her passion to create the plans –

smart-cube, it watches from a shelf, and plays at making itself into the blue print, with some limited success.

it’s 4am and her smart cube gives a soft hum, that indicates bedtime.

Surrounding the desk, our micro cubes gather, investigate, we see a part missing from the blue print – they gather closer – the lead smart-cube morphs into a small piece, in the center of the blue print – completing the puzzle -- a light glows within it.


Daytime, girl’s apartment:

She wakes -- but the room is completely empty.

In the middle of the room is her little friend smart-cube. It jumps and twitches, and flashes it’s little led light – a playful urgency.

She is bewildered, but glows with exciting anticipation. The smart-cube, scurries out the door – she follows as the door opens, she sees it ---

The design!

It is a high speed ion propulsion nano-smart flying machine!

Cube shoots to the craft -– it roars to life
she walks closer, examines the machine …

tagline, “Where will technology take you?”

Ariel wide shot: Girl rides in craft soaring into the sky!

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