Monday, October 21, 2013

New Pitch

Here is the latest pitch, a work in progress.

A bioengineer has been hard at work in her lab, trying to create a formula to help create a sustainable food supply to feed the hungry throngs of humanity. She is growing a crop of tomatoes in an attached outdoor garden. We see her sprinkle her tomatoes with a chemical that we see is labeled something like "EXPANDIFYING GROW #218". She leaves the garden, and just as she does, we see the silhouette of a fat little caterpillar crawling out from a leaf on her plants, and he starts to nibble excitedly on a tasty bit. The next day, she comes out to her garden, and is at first delighted because we see her tomatoes are huge, each as big as a pumpkin. But then, her expression quickly changes to horror when we cut wide and it is revealed that there is a giant monster caterpillar that rises up from its leafy depths, uttering a loud screech (kind of like this: .. She is terrified, and knocks over a large metal drum labeled "EXPANDIFYING TEST WASTE" towards the beast. The beast is knocked over, but then the drum begins spilling a thick gurgling paste everywhere. The caterpillar appraises the goop for a moment, but then begins lapping up the waste. Suddenly, after disgust and shock, we see the scientist get an idea. We cut to a shot of caterpillar beasts being harvested as a delicious burgers, served nicely with a side of tomatoes.

Not sure if the toxic waste element is being incorporated as smoothly as it can be, or if that element makes the story too long/complicated. Not thinking its working too well as of now since making burgers out of a caterpillar that has eaten toxic waste does not seem like a good idea. Have at it with any suggestions on how to tweak it.

This is sort of the bare bones pitch, we can definitely word it better to make the scientist and caterpillar more appealing and relatable I think. It just too late for my brain to do that at the moment.

Talk to you guys soon!


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