Thursday, October 17, 2013


Here are the general gists of the two pitches we have so far, to help us all stick to the same thing.

1. The Little Smart Cube That Could
      "A highly advanced robotic smart cube dreams of being something bigger."

In a futuristic world, day to day life depends greatly on the utilization of smart cube technology. Smart cubes have been designed to manipulate themselves into whatever basic object its owner needs. If its raining, it can become an umbrella. If transportation is needed, a hoverboard is then created. The smart cube of our story is loyal, dutiful, and accomplishes his tasks with enthusiasm and joy. His owner is an intelligent engineer (perhaps?) and his apartment is covered with photos of space, inventions, and all manner of scientific things. The smart cube is curious by nature, and sees his owner's blueprints for some kind of rocket shuttle that he has been struggling to create. The cube seems to want to help, but the owner still seems to only request simple tasks from the smart cube. One night, the smart cube figures out what the blueprint design needs to be a success, and enlists the help of all the other house cubes. With their powers combined, they are able to create the rocket for their owner, and they take him off into space.

2. The Blemish-Free Future of Beauty
       "In the future, where cosmetic perfection has become the norm, one person finds the value in imperfection."

In the year 3022, the human world has become a homogenous race of beautiful people, thanks to the widespread use of plastic surgery and gene selection. A mother (maybe shes pregnant when she has her realization?) is looking through old photos and she stumbles upon a very old one that is from maybe 100 years before of her great grandmother. The people in the photo look strikingly different from the people we have seen so far. More than their attire, it is obvious that their actual physical characteristics are different from the new race that exists. The mother notices the faces in the photo- they are all unique and imperfect, with their freckles, blemishes, and wrinkles. She decides to try using makeup to put some freckles on her own face, and is pleased with the results. Out in the world, we see everything is plastered with advertisements for plastic surgery, all encouraging to make cosmetic changes at birth. Other people notice the woman's freckles and like them, and begin to make changes of their own. People begin to realize how its better to have imperfections and diversity. Then when the mother finally has her child, and the doctors are about to take it away for plastic surgery, she tells them not to.

Hope I summed those two stories up well enough.. Im not so sure about the future of beauty one, if I said it the way you were thinking Lauren. Feel free to edit as needed.

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